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Programs Overview

Omni offers authentic Montessori education for students at Primary, Elementary, and Middle School levels. The school’s programs and curricula uphold the values and principles developed by Maria Montessori, and receive annual accreditation by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

Though all of Omni’s classrooms are unique, they share fundamental characteristics

  • Because children develop and master skills at their own pace, Omni students work according to their developmental levels rather than their biological ages.
  • Multi-age classrooms encourage cooperative learning and allow for broad emotional and social development. The classroom dynamic creates a nurturing, family-like atmosphere where younger children watch older children and are motivated to excel. Older students reinforce their own learning by helping the younger ones.
  • Guides work with students for a three-year cycle, allowing them to know each child’s individual needs and learning styles. When the guide introduces concepts at developmentally appropriate times, work is not only more easily accomplished, but joyful.
  • At all levels, the guide’s primary role is not the transmission of information, but rather to nurture development and to guide activities, resources, and materials that allow the child to take the next step in learning.
  • Guides provide an environment of calm, order, and joy in the classroom. It is their role to tap into the children’s natural curiosity, encouraging them to become self-motivated, independent, and joyful learners.