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Faculty and Staff Directory

  Name Title Group
Holli Andrews Andrews, Holli Primary Assistant and Movement Specialist Primary Program
Larry Barnes Barnes, Larry Coach for Aftercare Elementary Program
Shawnna Beggs Beggs, Shawnna
Nikki Bidell Bidell, Nikki Elementary Assistant Elementary Program
Kate Brown Brown, Kate Elementary Learning Support
Bria Bruce-Mensah Bruce-Mensah, Bria Learning Coordinator
Jennifer Chapman Chapman, Jennifer
Daisy Corbett Corbett, Daisy Administrative Assistant Support Staff
Tricia Cotman Cotman, Tricia Elementary Assistant Elementary Program
Cindy Curry Curry, Cindy Head of School Leadership Team
Hannah Earnhardt Earnhardt, Hannah Director of Development Leadership Team
Cecilia Estrada Estrada, Cecilia Primary Assistant Primary Program
Nicole Fuller Fuller, Nicole Elementary Guide Elementary Program
Maria Garcia-Zabaleta Garcia-Zabaleta, Maria Spanish Language Specialist Elementary Program, Primary Program
Donna Garrison Garrison, Donna Leadership Team
Raquel Gonzalez Gonzalez, Raquel Primary Assistant Primary Program
Sarah Hagerty Hagerty, Sarah Primary Guide Primary Program
Crystal Jordan Jordan, Crystal Primary Coordinator and Guide Leadership Team, Primary Program
Carol Kilminster Kilminster, Carol Elementary Assistant Elementary Program
Veronica Kocak Kocak, Veronica Primary Guide Primary Program
Amy Losasso Losasso, Amy Director of Admissions Leadership Team
Jessica Lovins Lovins, Jessica Adolescent Program Guide Adolescent Program
Guillermo Martin Martin, Guillermo Spanish Language Specialist Adolescent Program, Elementary Program
Darcy McDonnell McDonnell, Darcy Aftercare Coordinator
Liliana Milan Milan, Liliana Primary Assistant Primary Program
Omni Montessori Montessori, Omni
Maria Nemeth Nemeth, Maria
Charlene Patrell Patrell, Charlene Adolescent Program Guide Adolescent Program
Connie Pendergast Pendergast, Connie Elementary Guide Elementary Program
Bhumika Rajdev Rajdev, Bhumika Primary Assistant Primary Program
Kati Roy Roy, Kati Primary Guide Primary Program
Megan Sharp Sharp, Megan Guide Adolescent Program
Monica Simpson Simpson, Monica Facilities Manager Support Staff
Ashlyn Spangenberg Spangenberg, Ashlyn Director of Adolescent Programs, Farm Manager and Guide Adolescent Program, Leadership Team
Lavanya Suresh Suresh, Lavanya Elementary Guide Elementary Program
Jennifer Tamalone-Brearley Tamalone-Brearley, Jennifer Primary Assistant Primary Program
Jen Wallace Wallace, Jen Elementary Guide Elementary Program
Rowan Webster Webster, Rowan Elementary Coordinator Elementary Program, Leadership Team