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Endowments and Planned Giving


The beauty of an endowment is that it is forever. Gifts made to any Omni Montessori School Endowment will serve children and families who are with us today. But even more, every year those gifts will grow, and provide a steady and predictable source of income for Omni Montessori School to live out its vision and mission of bringing authentic Montessori education to children of the Charlotte-Metro area.


The Gardner Family Endowment for Inclusion and Diversity was established in 2015 to provide Omni Montessori School with resources to improve diversity within the school community. Specifically, The Gardner Family Endowment for Inclusion and Diversity will allow Omni to train, recruit and retain faculty from a variety of cultures and offer financial assistance to students from varying racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.   In addition, the endowment could also be used to promote parent education and professional development focused on inclusion and diversity.

Omni Montessori School's Unrestricted General Endowment

Gifts to the Omni Montessori School's General Endowment allow the School to reach its strategic priorities, create fiscal stability, and safeguard the integrity of the School's mission.  Endowments allow us to strengthen our programs. Endowment dollars are invested, the principal of the original gift is protected, and they grow. As the fund grows, the Board of Trustees’ conservative spending policies protect the asset, but allow the school to use a portion of the earnings. Just like personal savings or investments allow you to improve or maintain your home, purchase a new vehicle, pursue your interests, or provide for an education, Omni's endowments allow us to provide the best possible education for our students.

Planned Gifts

A planned gift for this purpose is any gift that is customized to the needs and objectives of an individual donor to help that donor maximize his/her gift to the school and realize personal, financial, and tax benefits.

Many planned gifts are designated to be given all or in part upon the donor’s passing. Donors who make such a gift are encouraged to contact the School so that the School can discuss the terms ahead of the effective date of the gift and to reassure the donor that his/her wishes will be fulfilled.  Additionally, all donors who provide a testamentary gift to the School will be honored as members of the Omni Montessori Legacy Society.

Donors are encouraged to make bequests to the School under their wills, and to name Omni Montessori School as the beneficiary under trusts, life insurance policies, commercial annuities, and retirement plans.

If you are interested in making a gift or have any questions, please contact Hannah Earnhardt, Director of Development.