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Owl's Nest Treehouse

The Owl’s Nest Treehouse Library was a gift from a long-time Omni family who had the dream of building a space for the children to go to read among the trees, to connect with nature, and to find inspiration. The dream became a reality when Pete Nelson of Nelson Treehouse and Supply and the Treehouse Masters show on Animal Planet also recognized the importance of connecting children with both nature and reading. As a result, Pete’s creative mind and vision produced the Owl’s Nest, a charming and beautiful library nestled perfectly inside the trees.

Our children visit this unique library daily for reading, research, collaboration, or to simply enjoy the space. The exterior of the treehouse library includes a hanging swing, rocking chairs and even a small lending library, all of which serve to encourage our students and their families to spend time reading outside. In essence, the Owl’s Nest is rooted in some of Omni’s core values – connecting children to nature and fostering a love of learning. As Maria Montessori once wrote, "when children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength."

Behind the Build

Take a closer look at the construction of the Owl's Nest Treehouse Library with these videos:




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