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AGC 2021-2022 Donor List

2021-2022 Recognized contributors


Friendship - $249 and below

The Andrews Family


Robert and Sherie Banks

Kristi Bentley

Eugene Blóomfield

The Braude-Scavone Family

The Burney Family

Lynda Cabral

Daisy Corbett

The Coscia Family

The DeGabrielle Family

The DiFilippo Family

Lori Ann Dinkins

Nigora Dossova

Stacey and Patrick Dougherty

Regan Dougherty

Hannah and Douglas Earnhardt

The Enoch Family

The Ewing Family

Kaye Ewing

Nic and Julie Finelli

The Florian Family

The Fox Family

Maria Garcia-Zabaleta

The Gonnelli Family

Raquel Gonzalez

Sarah Hagerty

The Jackson Family

The Jayaseelan Family

Veronica Kocak

Mark Laughner

Dr. James and Kulpreet Liu

Nina Lopez

Betsy Martinez 

Diane McCalmont

Darcy McDonnell

Shelley Morgan

The Nagaraja Family

The Norwood Family

The Novitsky Family

Kristen O'Reilly

Carson Orner

Julian Orner

Miranda Orner

The Ortiz-Kostur Family

Connie Pendergast

CJ Pflaging

Clay Pflaging

Ms. Mary Beth Pflaging

Bhumika Rajdev

Stacy Ralston

Cheryl Ricket

Nonna and Papa Saltzman

The Satija Family

Megan and Jeffrey Sharp

Pamela Shaw

Monica Simpson

The Spangenberg Family

Betsy and Jon Strubbe

The Tabarraei Family

The Trimmer Family

John and Kate Vassallo

Jen Wallace

Alec and Mayleng Watson

Christy Wilson

The Wood Family

The Yang Family

Discovery $250-$499


The Caffery-Draa Family

Hanne Cotman

The Cristini Family

The Dawes Family

The Dunkel Family

The Eskind Family

The Giblin Family

The Grodsky Family

The Hawse Family

The Heyen-McEvoy Family

The Jacobson Family

The Jordan Family

Lori Lauman 

The Leavenworth Family

Jessica Manner and Banks Wilson

The Martinez Family

The McEvoy Family

Preston Morgan

Randi Odom

Nish and Gemi Patel

The Phillips Family

The Pinnamaneni Family

The Ralston Family

Veronica Rodriguez and Alejandro Lavie

Mrs. Kati Roy

Jeffrey and Karen Schwartz

Steve and Aimee Sebestyen

SEN Graphics

Rowan Webster

The Wick Family

Joy $500-$999


Govind and Aneesha Arora

Joe and Susannah Beach

The Brick Family

The Carlson Family

Ted and Barbara Carpenter

The Duer Family

The Henry-Frank Family

The Jaimes Family

Divyesh and Sejal Jambusaria

The Losasso Family

The Mansours

Kajel and Ambarish Mhaskar

The Mudd Family

Anjana and Anish Patel

The Sharma Family

Craig and Vanessa Smith

The Strubbe Family

Blake and Lindsay Van Leer

Juan Carlos Velasco and Claudia Rojas

Portia and Greg Williams

The Zhang Family

Zhen Zu and Jing Chai

Celebration $1,000-$1,984

Patty Aluskewicz

The Avila Family

Hemal Badiani

Mary Shannon and Miller Bell

The Cabral Family

Steve Cashdollar

The Cassidy Family

Jeanne and Ken Dowd

Lea Finnegan

The Graham Family

The Guy Family

The Hemler Family

The Hu Family

The Kendrick Family

The Lombard Family

The Malison Financial Group, LLC

Matt, Jennifer, and Cordelia McCusker

Nate and Nicole McDaniel

The Grandparents of Valentina Milan

Juan Carlos and Liliana Milan

The Montiel Valdiosera Family

The Nicolette Family

Ellen and Brandon Olson

The Orner Family

Sara and Amit Patel

Greg and Charlene Patrell

The Percy Family

Hannah and Murray Rankin

Denis and Olga Ryzhikov

Rick and Savannah Tanner

Holly Trotter and Matthew Oakley 

The Upadhyay Family

Clayton and Marie Watkins

Honor $1,985-$4,999

The Azmoon Family

DJ and Maureen Baudhuin

The Cotman Family

Nikki Eason

Katherine and Alex Gutierrez

The Hecimovich Family

The Hendrix Family

Khara and Darren Pride

Andy and Katie Shaw

Jason and Melinda Smith

Kiran and Jared Smith

Respect $5,000-$9,999

Patrick and Cindy Curry

Barry and Lee Ann McGinnis

Commitment $10,000-$24,999

purpose $25,000 and above