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Afterschool / Summer

The Encore! Experience

Encore! is Omni’s after-school and summer program, consisting of four components: 

Encore! Enrichment offers courses which stimulate artistic expression, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Encore! Athletics offers physical activities and team sports that vary by season and the interests of the student community. 

Encore! Aftercare offers interactive playtime with peers and staff in a well-supervised environment that serves as an extension of the school day.

Encore! Summer Camps offer unforgettable experiences, nurturing a growing sense of independence and a spirit of adventure, as well as a deeper connection with nature and with our community.

Encore! after-school programs are available to elementary students (grades 1-6) Monday-Friday until 4:30pm or 5:30pm on days school is in session. Encore! summer camps are available to Primary and Elementary students.

Please text (980) 475-0197 if you need to get in touch during after-school hours.

The Mission of Encore!

  • To provide a multifaceted after-school and summer program that serves as a meaningful extension of the school day and school year.
  • To offer Omni families a flexible and convenient after-school and summer alternative for their children in a safe and familiar environment.
  • To facilitate activities to stimulate social and intellectual development, and to deepen students' connection to their community.