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Board of Trustees

Omni Montessori School is not-for-profit institution governed by a Board of Trustees which provides oversight for the school. The volunteer Board is responsible for ensuring that the mission of Omni is carried out, and it has fiduciary responsibility for the school. Trustees actively lead long-term and strategic planning efforts, and engage in fundraising and community-building initiatives.

The Board of Trustees employs the Head of School, who is responsible for executing the policies established by the Board, hiring faculty and staff, and managing the daily operations of the school.

Board members are nominated and elected annually for three-year terms.

2021-2022 Board of Trustees Officers

President — Khara Pride
Vice President  Ellen Olson
Treasurer  — Juan Carlos Milan

2021-2022 Board of Trustees Committee Chairs

Development – Nikki Eason

Inclusion and Diversity – Veronica Rodriguez

Facilities – Nate McDaniel

Finance – Juan Carlos Milan

Head Support and Evaluation Committee – Khara Pride

Marketing and Communications – Ellen Olson

Trustees – Anjana Patel

Health and Safety - Andrew Shaw


2021-2022 Board of Trustees Members

Diana Cabral

Nikki Eason  

Nic Finelli

Katherine Gutierrez              

Nate McDaniel        

Ellen Olson

Anjana Patel             

Veronica Rodriguez 

Kiran Dodeja Smith

Andrew Shaw

Holly Trotter

Administration Representative – Cindy Curry, Head of School

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In 2018, Omni developed a vision for its future facilities and programs.

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