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Community Service

Giving back to the community is woven into the fabric of the Omni experience. The children get involved in service projects in the classroom, such as the Upper Elementary's relationship with Mel’s Diner. Throughout the year the children prepare monthly meals that feed the neediest members of the Charlotte community. The children are also encouraged to organize their own service projects, which often stem from lessons they are doing in the classroom. If a particular lesson or field of study leads the students to discover a community need that they feel passionate about addressing, they are given the opportunity to practice their leadership by organizing a campaign to help that cause. Recent examples of this community service are a shoe drive, used battery collection and a change collection for Hurricane Dorian victims. 

Other times the Omni community as a whole, participates in helping those in need. Here is a video of Ms. Gaudioso's husband, Bob, who was a volunteer pilot after the 2018 Hurricane Florence flying items to Lumberton, NC, a town cut-off from transportation lines due to flooding. Lumberton was in need of baby supplies and the Omni community was asked if they would like to contribute. Omni families donated diapers, formula, wipes, etc. and Bob flew the supplies to Lumberton.