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Parent Association

The partnership between parents, school, and our children builds a strong, supportive community. All parents at Omni Montessori School are members of the Parent Association (PA). Attend a meeting to share your skills and interests and to meet other families at Omni.

The Parent Association (PA) is a volunteer body which coordinates activities to strengthen the Omni community and provide enhancements to its classrooms. The PA relies on core values of the school – inclusiveness, community, and consensus – to create a working partnership between parents, faculty, and the student body. The PA seeks to provide all parents the opportunity to become involved and be part of the special traditions that make Omni vibrant and unique.

The PA oversees a number of school-wide celebrations, plans activities to help welcome new families, hosts community events that also generate funds for the classrooms, and provides support and appreciation to the guides. Every year, the PA allocates a stipend to each classroom. Guides use these supplemental funds to purchase special materials for their rooms or gardens, as well as for cultural enrichment projects such as field trips, artistic performances, and school-wide immersion projects.

2022-2023 Parent Association School-Wide Events and Activities

Monthly Meetings — All parents are welcome to attend
Fund-Raising and Community-Building Events
Restaurant Nights
Omni Appreciation Week
Room Parents
and more!

An elected president and group of officers work throughout the school year, and appoint committees to organize individual events and activities. Parents can choose how small or large a time commitment they wish to make. All parents belong to the PA and there are no fees or dues associated with membership. Parents are encouraged to hold an office, chair or work on a committee, and attend PA functions.

2022-2023 Parent Association Officers

President — TBD
Vice President, Communications — Brittany Toth
Vice President, Fundraising — Jessica Jacobson
Vice President of Community Affairs — Lauren McEvoy
Treasurer/Secretary — Savannah Tanner

2022-2023 Committee Chairs

Social Outings/Parent Social — Heather Grove/Elizabeth Ortiz        
Restaurant Nights — Ruth Jaimes and Danny Collins
Merchandise — Tricia Cotman
Omni Appreciation Week — Amber Orner and Courtney Connors
Cultural Committee — Betsy Martinez
Box Tops, HT Vic, Target, TIE Program, Publix Education, Amazon Smile  —  Brittany Toth




-Link your Harris Teeter VIC card to Omni Montessori to earn cash for the school when you shop. The PA will link your cards for you. Cards can also be linked on line or in the store. Cards must be re-linked each year.

 -Amazon Smile will make a donation based on a percentage of each Amazon purchase. Go to, select Omni as your school.  

-Sign up with Publix Partners by logging on to your and select Omni in the My Publix Partner box on the My Account page. 

-Download the Box Tops app and scan your receipts when you purchase participating products. Continue to clip Box Tops if you see them on your participating products and drop them off in the box outside the office. 

Thank you for your support!