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Arts and Humanities

The Story of Humans provides an introduction for the arts and humanities curriculum, which covers cultural evolution, as well as music and art.

There are a number of different ways to experience music: listening, dancing, singing, playing instruments, reading notes, and studying music history. Music is also connected to mathematics, language, history, geography, and biology. As such, it is not taught in isolation, but emerges in many areas of the classroom, as it does in life. Materials provide for an appreciation of music and its interconnectedness to human beings.

Art, too, is a part of life - essential to our expressive nature and therefore integrated into all elements of the Montessori classroom. Like music, art is not taught in isolation. Children are introduced to different media and materials and taught to experiment with their creativity. Students are encouraged to seek art in the world around them, through nature, architecture, photography, fine art, or crafts.