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Elementary Immersion Project

native american history and cultures

featuring Omni Montessori School Elementary Students

After the winter break, the elementary classes embarked on an in-depth learning experience about Native American history and cultures.  The children from all four of our elementary classes joined one of the following groups: Northwest Coast, Southwest Plateau, Eastern Woodlands, or Great Plains.  In addition to delving into an in-depth exploration of the tribes of their region, they focused on learning about the geography, climate, plants and animals, and the fundamental needs, and overall cultures specific to their particular region. All groups visited Town Creek Indian Mound, the Catawba Cultural Center and the Schiele Museum. We welcomed Hawk Hurst to our campus for several days of music, story telling, and experiences learning about how native cultures historically met their needs. Following this the groups began multiple hands on learning sessions to explore and create some of the music, food, and arts of the Native American tribes. As we completed our project the students, staff and some wonderful volunteers set up a museum in our Activity Center. Unfortunately we had to postpone opening the museum.  It is still set up and we look forward to inviting the community to see it in the near future. In the meantime, we will share our opening video presentation with you. Special thanks to Mariam Phillips for putting it together for us! 

watch the presentation

Catch a glimpse of the project display!

Special Thanks
to the volunteers
who made this project
A success!