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Beth O'Ham 11/17/2019 02:25 PM CST

I attended Omni beginning in 1996. Pam Rain was my primary teacher. I remember Ms. Carol, Mr. Steve, Jim and Elizabeth Webster and their wonderful children. I was a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz and still have the VHS tape of the performance! I remember the immersion project, All Play, the pine trees, the boulders, the quiet order of the classrooms, Multiplication Blob, the maypole dance, the lower el campout, and so much more. Most of all  I remember the amazing learning opportunities I was provided as a young child, and credit my Montessori education with helping me navigate many difficulties in life and realize my goals. A search for a photo of my early childhood classroom has led me on a trip down memory lane and I am glad to see the school still flourishing! Congrats on 35! I'm not that far behind...