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Afterschool FAQs

Q. How many students can participate in the ENCORE! Program each day? 

A. The program will accommodate 35 students each day, including those enrolled in enrichment classes and athletics.

Q. Is drop-in care available? 

 A. Yes. As long as space permits up to 35 students. Parents will also be required to pay for care upon pick-up each day that drop-in care is utilized. 

Q. What happens if I am late to pick up my child? 

A. If you are unable to pick up your child by 5:30 pm, you will be charged $2.00 per minute for all pick-ups after 5:30 pm, collected upon pick-up.

Q. Once I have registered for an ENCORE! Enrichment Activity, can I drop the class?

A. Dropping an activity is permitted any time throughout the session, however, no refunds or credits will be issued after the start of the class, unless the cancellation of the class is due to special circumstances (e.g. a class is developmentally inappropriate for a child).

Q. If my child is enrolled in the general ENCORE! aftercare program, How will he/she get to their enrichment activity? 

A. The Encore! Aftercare staff will be responsible for giving your child a snack and escorting him/her to and from the enrichment class.

Q. Is the parent responsible for getting his/her child who is not enrolled in the general aftercare program to an enrichment activity?  

 A. Yes. Getting a child to an Encore! enrichment activity is the responsibility of the parent if the child is not enrolled in the Encore! Aftercare Program.

Q. What if there are no ENCORE! enrichment classes that fit my child's interest or schedule?

A. The Encore! Aftercare staff tries to offer a variety of classes each session. We always welcome your ideas and are interested in your feedback About what classes you would like to see offered in our program.

Q. Will students and families who are not enrolled in ENCORE! activities be able to use the playground after school?

A. Yes! The playground is available to the Omni community after school. Please remember that if you are using the playground, your children are your responsibility and need your direct supervision at all times. Students not enrolled in Encore! programs will not be permitted in the Activity Center unless using the restroom or drinking fountains.