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Annual Giving Campaign

Welcome to the 2019-2020 35th Anniversary Annual Giving Campaign (AGC)

We are launching our 35th Anniversary Annual Giving Campaign on October 7, 2019 - the 35th day of school in our 35th year!  The campaign will run for a total of 35 school days, closing on December 4, 2019.  Please join us and give your support to Omni this year! Your gift matters and will help us reach our campaign goals once again! Click here to see the brochure.

About the campaign

Each fall the Omni Board of Trustees and the Administration initiate the Annual Giving Campaign, which is a fundraising initiative that helps fund the gap between tuition and actual operating expenses. School leadership has long strived to keep tuition modest in order to make the Omni Montessori experience a possibility for a wide range of families. As a result, tuition payments do not fully meet the school’s operating budget. The money raised by the Annual Giving Campaign is used to help fund operations and make improvements to the school.

Thank you for your support

Every gift makes a difference for our Omni students. When all of our gifts are combined, they make a significant impact in our school. Each contributor to the Annual Giving Campaign will receive listing on Omni’s website and in the Giving Report printed annually each spring.

In honor of our 35th Anniversary, we have established the 1985 Society to recognize donors giving $1,985 or more to the Annual Giving Campaign. In addition to being recognized as a 1985 Society member on the Omni website and in our Annual Giving Report, all contributors to the 1985 Society will receive a beautifully bound book commemorating Omni’s 35th Anniversary, to be published next summer.

Omni Montessori School is a non-profit organization under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Donations are tax- deductible to the extent permitted by law.