Opportunities to learn and use language permeate the Primary classroom. Children are given the opportunity to name, describe, and narrate within all elements of the curriculum - be it colors on the easel, parts of a plant, or countries of the globe. They begin with the rudiments of written and spoken language, and progress to become confident readers and writers. Like all authentic Montessori programs, Omni teaches cursive script, considered a more natural hand motion for young children, as the pencil never leaves page.

Students are ready for the language curriculum when they have developed concentration and coordination achieved through the Practical Life area. With guidance from the teacher, they master a progression of lessons beginning with Sound Games which provide a basis in phonetics. Children then move to the Sandpaper Letters to see and feel the symbols in the alphabet, and the Moveable Alphabet where they use large letters to construct words and phrases without having to write. Students play Grammar Games to learn the function of words through sentence analysis. Children work with Sight Words and Phonograms, which teach multiple ways to pronounce letter combinations. Older students create beautiful reports with words and illustrations. Morning and afternoon sessions often include story time with the teacher. The aim is to produce a “reading child” to move to the next level.