Cosmic Education

"Let us give [the Elementary child] a vision of the whole universe," wrote Maria Montessori in describing the basis for her Elementary curriculum. "All things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity. This idea helps the mind of the child become fixed, to stop wandering in an aimless quest for knowledge."

Dr. Montessori chose five Great Lessons to be shared with the children - covering the beginnings of the universe, origins of life, evolution of humans, development of language, and history of mathematics. These broad narratives entice the students' curiosity, and allow them to begin discovering and connecting elements in the body of human knowledge. Maria Montessori also developed Elementary classroom materials as the tools for students to learn, explore, and discover.

The Elementary teacher's goal is not to rely on a syllabus, but to guide students using lessons, materials, and experiences, both inside and outside of school.