Portia Williams - Elementary Coordinator

Portia Williams
Elementary Coordinator

Portia Williams is an AMI-certified teacher who has been part of the Omni family for 15 years, six of those as a teacher in the Lower Elementary.

Portia began her journey in Montessori education as a college student studying psychology. When comparing human development with conventional educational methods, Portia observed a disconnect between the two. "We live in a nation that professes to value education, yet we continue to teach children in a system that does not take advantage of their natural developmental process," she says.

Years later she befriended a family whose children attended Omni. "There was just something lovely and different about these children, and the stories about what they did at school fascinated me," she recalls. To find out more Portia read Maria Montessori's The Secret of Childhood, and experienced what she calls her "ah-ha moment," when she discovered an educational method that fit completely with the natural developmental process of children. She and her husband enrolled their sons at Omni, and with the urging of her family, Portia began the process of training to become an AMI-certified teacher. It is a journey, she says, "that began more than 20 years ago, but is just beginning."

Training and Skills

  • B.A., Psychology, Mercer University, Macon, GA
  • AMI Elementary training, Montessori Training Centre of British Columbia
  • 4 AMI Refresher courses
  • 3 AMI EAA summer workshops Ortton Gillingham (level I)