Justin Chapian - Elementary Guide

Justin Chapian
Elementary Guide

Justin Chapian is an AMI-certified teacher who came to Omni in 2018. Justin began his teaching career as a kindergarten teacher in a traditional school, but saw that the children had so much potential that was left unfilled. He began his Montessori teacher training and discovered that Montessori education offered joy, harmony, and intellectual rigor, and supported children in becoming independent people capable of incredible feats.

Justin enjoys exploring the world with the children, and believes that teaching makes him stay curious about all kinds of things. Justin says, “I get to look at how the Roman Gods inspired our calendar, why it’s colder at the top of a mountain, and how to divide fractions, all in the same day!” For Justin, working with children is a humbling experience, and he considers it a joy and honor to serve and guide children.

When he is not in the classroom you will find Justin rock climbing, cycling or searching for the best restaurants in town!

Training and Skills

  • B.S. Mathematics, Ohio University
  • AMI Elementary Certificate from Montessori Training Center Northeast in Hartford, CT